Casino Bonuses

Bonuses and rewards are something that players always look for in a casino. These freebies can definitely attract players to join. In addition, promos may help players increase their bankrolls. Additional winnings from the bonus can be withdrawn by the players. Casino promotions can also give players a chance to try the games they want without spending any cash. Since there are different types of casino bonuses, it is better to know first which kind of bonus fits a player's gaming style.

Sign-Up Bonus Promotions

Upon registration in a gaming site, new players may instantly get some rewards through the sign-up bonus. This type of promotion is a common strategy of gaming sites to lure new players to join. The reward is usually given to the player as soon as they register. It will be added in the account of the newly registered player, which can be used to bet on the games available.

The sign-up bonus promo may come in different forms. Some casinos require an initial deposit, while the others are not. If a player is lucky enough, he or she may immediately get the reward without any wagering requirement needed. This reward can be given as free cash or free spin, depending on the casino where a player registered. Either ways, the sign-up bonus can be a great way to start a game. The Canadian review of Zodiac Casino also provides details on its available match bonus. This gaming site is known for giving generous promos and rewards.

Match Bonus Promotions

As the name suggests, the match bonus has something to do with matching. When a player deposits a specific amount of cash on the gaming site, it will be matched in a certain percentage. Take for example a casino that offers a 100% match bonus promo. When a player pays $50, it will be matched with another $50 credit that can be used to bet on the game.

Match bonus promotions are absolutely a nice way to increase a bankroll. There are even casinos offering up to 300% match promo.

There are also gaming sites giving not just one match promo, but a set of it. This promo is usually given to encourage the players to continuously deposit. A match promo can give an increasing percentage such as 100% on the first deposit, 200% on the second, and 300% on the third.

No Deposit Free Spins Promotions

Free spin is another common promo for the casino goers and sometimes, it is given without any deposit required. Gaming sites randomly give off free spins to their visitors. It can be claimed with no string attached, while other free spins have wagering requirements. Regardless of the terms, free spins can surely provide players additional increase on their winnings.

Lucky players may also find casinos that offer free spins that allows re-spin. This means another free spin can be added to the player's reward when he or she hits a special symbol. No deposit free spin is frequently presented in the gaming sites with slot machines. Additional spins for the slots can be a great help for the players to continue a game.

Free Play Bonus Promotions

For those players who want to get a glimpse of a particular game, the free play bonus is the best recommended. This type of promotion allows players to test a game they want to bet on. Players will be given a specific period of time wherein they can enjoy to play the game. It is also an opportunity for the players to practice the game during the free play.

There are instances when the winnings from the free play promo can be withdrawn by the players. However, there are some casinos that does not allow players to take home any winnings. Instead, players are given alternative rewards in exchange of their winnings from the free play.

Cashback Promotions

Player's loss in a gaming site can be turned into a positive gem later on. This is what the cashback promotions do. Casinos usually implement this type of bonus for their loyal players. It is commonly included in the VIP program of the gaming sites wherein they can track the losses of the players. The percentage of the player's total loss in the casino is returned to the players through additional credits in their bankrolls.

The percentage of cashback differs from every casino. The average cashback promo percentage is ranging from 5% to 20%. Also, high rollers can have higher cashback credits because they have the tendency for having bigger losses.

Cashbacks are often given once or twice a month, depending on the casino's policy. There are also instances wherein the cashback is not given as cash credits to the players. Instead, cashbacks are given to the players as an upgrade on hotel accommodation, a discount voucher, or free meal. Nonetheless, a cashback promo is still nice to have.

Reload Bonus Promotions

Loyal players are the ones who usually receive the reload bonus. This kind of promo is usually given to the players who keep on depositing cash to their bankrolls. When a player reloads his or her account, the player will be offered a reward. It can be a percentage of their deposit or it can be a fixed amount.

Reload bonus is comparable with the match bonus, and not all casinos have this kind of promo. The percentage of a reload bonus ranges from 5% to 10% of the original deposit amount. Lucky players may also find some casinos offering up to 20% reload bonus.

Some casinos also offer reload bonus depending on the deposit method used. If a player reloads using this particular payment method, he or she will be given bonus that can be used to bet on the game. Similar with the other bonuses mentioned above, the reload promo can also help players to increase their gaming money.