Play Blackjack Online At Onbling Casino

Three of the most common questions people ask when they want to play blackjack online are: Is it legal? If so, where can I play for real money? And, what if I'm a US resident? The short answer is yes, it is legal, and there are plenty of places to play. One of the best places is at our Internet gaming site, OnBling Casino. Some casinos only accept international players, but at ours, we allow US gamblers to play blackjack online.

The 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) resulted in the arrests of several CEOs of gaming sites, and made it harder to gamble online in the US market. No one has ever been arrested for gambling on the Internet in the US, and you can still find legalized gaming online. As long as the company is headquartered outside of the physical United States, they will not run afoul with US banking regulations. Many wise casino operators simply moved their physical headquarters overseas and resumed honoring US participants.

At OnBling Casino, we did that same thing, and we are now known as one of the best gaming platforms in the industry, especially for people that want to play blackjack online. We have an exclusive 140% blackjack bonus up to $1,400 x 5, for a total up to $7,000! You won't find a better bonus on the market.

Sticking with the virtual Vegas casinos that have a long history of customer service and banking options are your best bet when choosing a site to try online. We built our site with that in mind, and all of our information is free of charge and easy to find, so you can rest assured that everything is legitimate, safe, and secure. Always stick with a well-know and top-rated gaming site because those operators offer real money deposit methods and banking options, which keep the US federal regulators happy.

In 2011, US legislature decided to let each individual state regulate their own gambling legislation, and since then, Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey have all OK'd Internet gambling on some level, working hard to legalize this popular, fun entertainment within their state borders. We can only hope that other states follow suit.